We feel good about… saving time with CEREC® dental crowns.

CEREC Dental Technology delivers crowns with the convenience of one appointment.

Most adults have been there… your dentist told you that you needed a crown because a large filling had served out its useful life, and you needed a stronger restoration.  A traditional crown requires two visits, the first to prepare the tooth and take several dental impressions; and, you know the ‘drill’, you leave the office with a temporary crown to wear for about two weeks.   The crown is designed by the dentist and dental laboratory, then you receive the call to come in for a delivery appointment.

CEREC® dental crown technology at North Fulton Smiles has been a convenient solution for many of our patients.

While there are some situations that still require a traditional crown, technology is making it easier than ever to have a dental crown designed, milled and placed in one visit.  Dr. Veena Bhat is a certified CEREC® restorative technology dentist.  Her investment in this 3D CAD-CAM dental technology has made it possible for North Fulton Smiles of Alpharetta patients to experience the convenience of 1-visit dental crowns.

How CEREC works

CEREC CAD CAM dental crowns at North Fulton Smiles of Alpharetta

North Fulton Smiles Dental Assistant Dawn enjoys talking with patients about CEREC.

·        After Dr. Bhat has acquired the image of the tooth, she designs the crown to protect the tooth and work in harmony with the overall bite.

·        Time to select a shade – CEREC materials are available in an extensive number of tooth-colored shades, giving Dr. Bhat the design palette she needs to create a natural-looking restoration to match your smile.

·        With the details completed, the crown design is sent to the milling center, or computer aided manufacturing (CAM) stage of the system.  In less than an hour, the new crown is produced and ready to place.

CEREC® restorations have been available in dentistry since 1980.  They are a proven restoration that has become a popular choice for many dentists and patients around the world.

Hygienists7.jpgOur patients and dental team enjoy the convenience and customization options of the CEREC® system.  Dr. Bhat can design dental crowns, bridges and dental implant restorations in a single appointment.

If you think you need a crown, we invite you to Contact North Fulton Smiles of Alpharetta to schedule a consultation with general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Veena Bhat.  You may be a candidate for this time-saving, no muss, no fuss dental crown technology.

We look forward to meeting you!


Dr. Veena Bhat and Team

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